Trainers, trainers, trainers

I made a rookie China mistake the other day. I trusted someone in the Silk Market… we were meant to be “good friends” after all.

I asked for a new pair of my carefully selected fluro Nike Air Max in size 41 without flaws and when my friend returned with a better quality pair I trusted that they were the same size as stated on the ticket. When I got home my husband pointed out that she had carefully botched things by sticking a tiny 41 label over top of a 42. Hmm I thought she took a long time out back. One of many frustrating China moments. You have to stay on your toes. I must have been temporarily blindsided by the cuteness of the retro baby Adidas & Nike trainers.

Well played lady, well played.
Trainers in China


2 thoughts on “Trainers, trainers, trainers

    1. Hi Aleasha so cute, great to share some of your wonderful experiences with others. Big storms here today in NewZealand so were are not going outside either.

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