Spot of Yashow shopping

It had to be done after 12 consecutive days housebound due to toxic air – taking a Saturday off mummy duties, popping on my oversized Nike’s (from my last failed silk market shopping experience), chucking on a mask, jumping in a Beijing taxi and heading to Yashow to try a spot of shopping again.

Actually it was pretty successful this time, pollution wasn’t horrible, I haggled as you do, and came away with a few sweet wee things. Sneakers & colourful scarves, a baby Burberry esqe trench, mini boyfriend jeans, polo for hubby and 2 tiny polo dresses that make bubs look like a little tennis player – so divine!
Downside of Yashow:
The mask (obvs)
Scarf lady pulling hard several times on my arm. I had to tell her 3 times to let me go. (This is no Liberty of London shopping experience.)
The bargaining gets exhausting. I look forward to living somewhere again where the price you pay is on the ticket. Much simpler.


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