Stroll down memory lanes

Mopping never looked so good

Beijing is a roller coaster. Cracking on a good day, frustrating and depressive on a bad. However if you open your eyes you can find creative inspiration around every corner.

Hard to resist the vibrancy of a few mops for sale on a crumbling brick wall or the sight of some colourful kiddies playing in broken doorways. Contrast that with the severity of the sleek urban facades just one block over.



It’s mind boggling to see the clashing of old world China with the developing new. All these photos are snapped within two minutes walk of our compound. One minute you could be in any major western city in the world, the next you feel like you have literally time travelled. People are staring at you like they have seen a ghost, you see & smell food you really hope you won’t be eating tomorrow, but there are so many visual treasures to be found here. It’s pretty cool to peak through cracks into the past and see the old China. I wonder how long these little insights will remain intact? You can literally see the glittering cityscape nipping on the heels of the hutongs.




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