A dude stole our markers

I love MUJI in Beijing. Being Japanese made I can rely on it for simple basics for myself like those foot covers for pumps (perfect for China’s shoes-off policy when you are out visiting) and some cutesy things for my daughter.

The other day this colourful tub of markers caught her eye. Although she is a bit young to use them properly, she loved the packaging as did I. So, we took them home, her shaking the jar the whole way. This was fine until halfway home on a very Chinese (no tourists anywhere) kind of street she managed to prise the lid of and spill 30 something coloured pens all over the street.

This must have looked quite ridiculous; a blonde misplaced mumma scurrying to pick up the colours scattered all over this little residential street. A couple of tuk tuk’s swerved to avoid us and some locals laughed, but one dude took it upon himself to help me pick them up (well, so I thought.) While I was thinking ‘how nice’, he was obviously thinking ‘how many can I get?’ like it was a lolly scramble, because next he took off with my coloured pens! Would a grown man steal your child’s coloured markers anywhere else in the world, or only in China?


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