Finland No. 1 for Mums


My new home, Finland has topped the Save the Children’s 2014 State of The World’s Mothers Report. The report looks at health, education and economic factors to determine the safest & happiest places to live. Great news for me as I plan a move to Finland from China (placed down at number 61) with my hubby and bub next month.

I was in Helsinki last week for a look around and have to say I very impressed (but a bit unprepared for the chilly weather… umm spring?) with what I saw.

People were so pleasant, someone even came out of a busy little cafe to give up their table to me with my baby. What? I have obviously been living in the wrong cities. Public transport was excellent, everywhere we went seemed very baby friendly; playgrounds on almost every block, delicious food and coffee was found, no queues, no traffic jams, no air pollution, walks by beautiful lakes and coastlines were abundant.

Finland seems like a dream to me, if not a little chilly one, but who cares about that? Jackets can be worn, I love jackets, in fact I bought one while I was there by Samsøe & Samsøe which leads me onto another thing I am pretty excited about… Scandinavian design at my finger tips! So yeah, I’m feeling pretty lucky that I can up and leave number sixty-one in the world and shoot on over to number one.

Download the report for yourselves. Lots of good insight here by Save the Children and some shocking statistics too.


5 thoughts on “Finland No. 1 for Mums

  1. I always complain about the weather in Finland but sometimes I try to remind myself that there are, in fact, more things to life than the weather!! Do you miss New Zealand?

    1. I really miss NZ, hopefully we’ll get back there at some point. Mainly it’s hard being so far from family. It’s easy to complain about the weather here but it’s not a REAL world problem is it! Just annoying – so much for spring! 🙂

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