A look at Helsinki

Hei! Just a few of my favourite little things from Helsinki last week.

Massively looking forward to our move here and an improved quality of life next month.

A white Christmas and some sweet Scandy design is just a bit enticing too. As are coastal strolls on little Islands

Daffodil hunts ❤

Daffodils Meilahti

Dramatic landscapes


Clear skies


And this cafe

Open Air Markets

Other little things: SIS Deli, Stockmann Bookstore, Freese Coffee

But most importantly playing outside whenever we please ❤ ❤

Lots of beautiful playgrounds for kids


3 thoughts on “A look at Helsinki

  1. This is so cool Leash! I bet you are looking forward to the clean air. Gracie is quite the little jetsetter. Wish I could come visit xxx

    1. I know Kel, You so should come over! We would LOVE that! Gracie is getting a pro at travel now and she loves all the little adventures & meeting new people. Seeing her running around on this island picking daffodils and collecting sticks was the cutest ever! Reminded me of our rural childhood. So perfect for kiddies ❤ awwww lots of love COME OVER!

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