Always looking for new blogs

Help, I'm in China!

I am still new to WordPress and I need your help!

I have ridiculously slow internet in China (like you would NOT believe) which makes searching for anything like pulling teeth out.

So I thought I would turn to the WP community for assistance.

I want to find some beautiful, inspiring blogs from people with similar interests to me: travel, fashion, art, design, architecture, food, cafes, interiors, textiles, urban photography, all matters of mummy business or just interesting, cool, positive stuff.

So, I thought I would put a post out there to invite you to share some of the coolest blogs you are following, so I can save myself the pain of staring at the blue bar any more. I CAN’T TAKE IT! Just now I was actually chanting “goooooooo!” As I tried to upload a photo for the 100th time in 2 days. Oh the Great Firewall of China!

Please, if you can recommend some of your favourites or just like this post so I can check yours out! Don’t be shy.



6 thoughts on “Always looking for new blogs

  1. Great idea, it’s hard finding cool blogs sometimes, you don’t know where to start. Well I’ve started by following yours (I’m liking the attitude) and am about to check these links out, thank you.

    1. THANK YOU thisdollylife! I am now following you too! Love your beautiful pictures and sounds like we have a lot in common moving countries with a baby! Thanks for introducing me to your blog! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi, thanks for saying hi! Love meeting new followers this way and I will be following yours from now too. We have left China now as it’s so polluted. We are trying Finland for a while, now we are just freezing cold! πŸ™‚

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