Mu Xi Yuan Fabric Market

Yesterday I hit Mu Xi Yuan fabric market with our part time Ayi Ling, who is kind of like the aunty of Ayi’s. She is in-the-know, has a story about everyone, and can literally chew you ear off in both english and mandarin. She told me I got ripped off buying flowers the other day, so she offered to be my shopping buddy; help me negotiate prices, keep the local marketers from grabbing at my baby, and navigate the taxi (which turned out to be a terrifying ride, my next post!) but the fabric market… Gold!

Mu Xi Yuan market was massive. I could have searched all day, but in 39 degrees it was pretty hard going with 10kgs strapped into the Stokke MyCarrier. So, I quickly grabbed fabric samples and Ling did the bargaining, which was pretty intense and sounded more like a heated argument. Ling felt it wasn’t her best work, I found this pretty amusing as the prices she negotiated were great! it’s very hard to tell the difference between fighting and a conversation sometimes in China.

I bought some beautiful printed fabrics, with which I plan to make some sweet wee baby clothes. I have dreams of sewing in a little studio lakeside in Helsinki. I feel like it will be the perfect environment to get creative! Watch this space.

Just another colourful day of intense highs & lows (gasp – that taxi!) in Beijing with a baby.


2 thoughts on “Mu Xi Yuan Fabric Market

  1. Very envious of the opportunity to be among such a huge selection of fabrics. I will watch with interest 🙂

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