Amulet by D Jewellery


Last weekend I went to a preview of a beautiful jewellery range Amulet by D.

I found her jewellery got more beautiful the more I looked. I loved the stories behind each of the collections, and that Doris uses travel as a source of inspiration for her jewellery; but also that she customises everything for the individual.

As I am approaching the end of my time in China, I really want to take away something special that serves as a memory for my time here, and particularly something that I can give to my daughter one day as a symbol of her place of birth. A unique piece of jewellery handcrafted here in Beijing would be perfect.

So, tomorrow Doris is coming over to discuss my ideas and we are going to work on a precious bespoke piece that I can wear now with a view to pass onto my daughter one day, as I tell her all about our crazy Beijing adventures.

These are just a few of my favourite pieces but check out her website for yourself


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