Little things about Beijing


I love this trend of guys carrying their girlfriends handbags in Beijing. It’s super sweet and oddly romantic. ❤

Beijing Bare Bots

This is one we could possibly do without. As adorable as little bums are, I don’t want to see to see any more mums airing their babies bums on the street. Nappies are required!

True BFF's

True BFF’s must match at all times. Beijingers are keen to declare their relationship status via matching outfits; and if you want to keep an eye on your possessions at all times, consider the Beijing front pack.

Beijing Visors & Scarves

Totally enjoy seeing the eclectic kits of Beijing women on bikes. Statement making visors, scarves and gloves. Practical & awesome ladies!

Beijing Fabric Market

The colours of China. Always vibrant, always curious things happening.

Entrepreneurs everywhere

Everybody is an entrepreneur. Who needs a shop front when you can sell these stylish Chanel iPhone cases (which are amazing by the way…) from the boot of your car?

Beijing Phone Booths

Obvious but almost redundant; Beijing’s delightful & distinctive telephone boxes.

Chinese tour group

More of that matching business; nothing says ‘we come together’ like tour group hats and if you can possibly wear more of the same colour, please do!


Big OTT hats in general; the bigger and more OTT the more cred to you!


7 thoughts on “Little things about Beijing

    1. Haha Doris! Strangely I do feel a bit homesick myself! Never would have guessed it 🙂 Looks like there have been some lovely clean air days since I left and it was so beautiful before I left, so a nice way to remember it xx

  1. I lived in Korea and can just image the BFF clothing. Hilarious. I haven’t seen the “bum free pants” before. Yes, probably could do without that as I travel and live in places. Always unique where every you go which is what makes travelling and living overseas so interesting.

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