Escape to Catalonia


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Lately we have been living like like hobos out of suitcases between New Zealand with family, Finland to sort out our visas, and now I am sitting back in a temporary apartment in China wondering about the water, food and air safety (If you see my last post, I thought we had said our goodbye’s to Beijing).

We’ve had to patient as life happens and relocations can be messy but on the up-side we managed to squeeze in a family holiday in Catalonia to be part of a friends gorgeous wedding which was amazing!

Prior to the wedding we shared this super chilled day with the bride and groom at Temps de Terra in Tarragona. We had a dose of the best and most basic things in life; nature, fresh air, old friends, good wine & great food from the Catalonian region of Spain. Just an amazing day which ended in my baby becoming at one with nature and stripping off all her clothes and heading home starkers… If that isn’t a sign of a great day I don’t know what is? Visit this place for a long lunch if you are ever in the region.


4 thoughts on “Escape to Catalonia

  1. I love reading your experiences traveling abroad with you daughter. Your trip to Tarragona looks very relaxed compared to being in busy metropolis like Beijing. One takeaway that I can resonate with you — red lights for cars don’t mean stop. Always cross with caution 🙂 – Lena

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