The Great Wall Lakeside

I was 31 when I first laid my eyes on a wonder of the world. My daughter was just 16 months old when her little feet carried her along The Great Wall of China.

It took my breath away the first time, as I stood up there 2 years early. I was actually pregnant at that time but I didn’t yet know that my life was about to change.

It was equally magical and a privilege to go back this time with our daughter before we left Beijing. We took hundreds of photos up there, mainly for her benefit to look back to the city where she was born. It wouldn’t be right to leave China without photos of her here.


We visited the first time to an unrestored section of the wall which is now closed as it is too unsafe to climb. This time we went to the Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside section which I would recommend if you ever get the chance to go. It’s roughly a one hour drive from Beijing, not crawling with tourists and you get to wander through a dishevelled but charming little village of market stalls; selling shoes, nuts, eggs, and seeds.

The view of the lake is beautiful and there is a boat you can take back if you want to see things from a different angle, it’s a very nice journey home for tired little feet.


We leave Beijing with such amazing memories. It was fun to be a tourist for our last week in China; visiting the Great Wall, riding around on rickshaws, getting massages, eating peking duck and dumplings. This was a nice way to go out! This time it’s good bye China.


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