Autumn Colours in Helsinki



It’s been 3 weeks in our new home of Helsinki. It’s great to finally stay put and to call somewhere home. It’s a little colder than we’re used to, so we’re definitely wearing heavier clothing, and we’ve already invested in a bright snow suit for our girl.

P1270335 (2)

We are slowly establishing our favourite places to eat, drink coffee, shop and play. I am hooked on Korvapuusti ‘slapped ears’. The only Finnish word I have taken the time to learn on top of Kiitos (thank you). It’s basically a big, fat, delicious cinnamon bun, similar to a pinwheel as we know it in New Zealand. It’s becoming a bad but ‘so good’ daily habit! I am going to try and make these myself.

Cinnamon bun (2)

There is still lots to explore but so far, so good and the colours of the autumn leaves here seem to be changing and getting more gorgeous by the day. It’s turned out to be a nice time of year to arrive and we are spending lots of time in all the amazing Töölö playgrounds. No air pollution to worry about! Even better the play grounds have huge toy boxes which get unlocked daily for children to play with. Great public services for kids! Next week our local Kids Park is hosting a toddler disco! Brilliant!


I guess the only thing we would change is to be a little closer to NZ… and if we’re being picky the winter coffee hours. We are struggling with our local cafes not serving coffee till 11am and our favourite neighbourhood cafe is only open Wed-Sun. Total first world problem!

Näkemiin (Good bye – my third word)


16 thoughts on “Autumn Colours in Helsinki

  1. I love that they provide toys at the sandpits! So civilised. I’ve taken to permanently carrying around a bucket and spade for impromptu digging with Ted! Those cinnamon buns look so good x

  2. Haha, I cringed at the thought of waiting till 11 for my coffee! Total first world problem!! 🙂 I LOVE the photos and reading all about your adventures. So happy to have connected with you!

  3. Hi, I’ve also just moved to Helsinki (except from Australia) and had exactly the same problem with the late-opening cafes, must be a Southern Hemisphere thing! I see you found Regatta too, they are still the best cinnamon buns I’ve had so far 🙂 Love reading your blog,looking forward to more posts (I’m struggling to get into a writing routine myself), cheers, aariin.

    1. So nice to hear from another expat in Helsinki! Welcome. Sounds like we arrived around the same time. You must have an interesting job. I am now following you to so we can share tips for surviving our first Finnish winter! Today is pretty chilly, but very beautiful. Like you say, we just need better clothes in this weather! 🙂

      1. Sounds great, the winter is certainly going to be interesting! Saturday was surprisingly lovely, only 3 degrees C but I still sat quite comfortably outside at a cafe in the sun: must be acclimatising. Yes my work is interesting but time consuming. I started a blog as a way of trying to get myself to 1) write more for fun and hopefully develop my general writing skills a bit more through practice, 2) as an easy way of keeping friends and family up to date, and 3) to make myself go out when I can (weekends mostly) and make the most of my time living overseas 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading your Helsinki posts, I haven’t gotten into a good writing routine yet so my posts are very erratic at the moment I’m afraid, but there are a few drafts in the works, so I’ll hopefully post more soon!

      2. All good reasons for writing and I am very much the same. My posts will probably always be very adhoc as my toddler doesn’t allow for much else. I won’t pretend that it will ever get more structured than that! 🙂 I will look forward to reading more posts from you!

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