Little backpacks for little treasures

I found these little colourful toddler & kids backpacks in Beijing.

I love a bit of bold colour, and I also love a product that is great for little ones, but one that is not totally offensive to us mums (especially if you end up carrying it.) These bags I would definitely wear if they were available in my size. Well I did actually end up wearing the bigger size on the Great Wall of China in August.

I still get a lot of people commenting on my daughters colourful array of backpacks so that’s why I have ordered a few in my favourite colours to share with you. So if you want one you can email me They are a steal at $28 NZD or 18 Euros and we can arrange shipping worldwide. They ship from Christchurch, New Zealand or I even have a few with me here in Helsinki, Finland so shipping within Europe should be a breeze!

I will be giving $5 NZD from each bag to an amazing children’s charity. I only have a few left so be quick if there is a print you would like. You can check the sizes and colours out on my Facebook Page.

Perfect for little travels or for that first big day at kindergarten.


4 thoughts on “Little backpacks for little treasures

  1. My friend found some similar to these and monogrammed my children’s names into them. They LOVE them, and so do I. 🙂 These ones are adorable too!!

  2. These would be a great idea as a Christmas gift for our girls! I would be interested to know which ones you would have in Finland? I especially love the very colorful ones, the ones with the squares and the triangles 🙂

    1. Hi Pinja, I just have one triangle colourful print left in Finland – toddler size. I can show you when you come over for that play date. If you like, I can always get a bigger one sent for your older daughter too. Let me know when you are free! Hope you are enjoying your new house 🙂

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