A Finnish paper shop

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November I am told is the toughest month in Finland, “survival month” they say! It’s dark, damp and grey. I think we have been so busy finding our feet that most of the time we don’t even notice how short the days are becoming. We have been busy (massive understatement/stressed out!) learning to drive on the European side of the road, learning about Finnish kindergartens, and squeezing in the odd visit to a cute little Helsinki boutique or pop up. So, it’s November 5th and we are, so far, surviving just fine.

This boutique Papershop brightened up a grey day. I learnt about this beautiful store from a Finnish blogger I follow. I could have spent hours here with it’s colourful corners, so thank you Cosy Home blog.




I did invest quite a bit of time here, I treated myself to a new print to fill the walls (still enjoying that fun nesting phase) and an elephant mobile for the kids room. Such a simple thing this little mobile by Dannish brand Flensted which is providing endless pleasure.

I am sure if you like DIY you could create something equally cute yourself. I want to create another little folded paper mobile with some of these pretty Papershop papers.


So with a bit of inside DIY and a few visits to some of the lovely Finnish boutiques I think we will get through November and hope for a December and January full of Lumi (I love this word, which is not an uncommon little girl’s name meaning “Snow” in Finnish). I also found out today that my daughters name does not work so well in Finland. When we say Gracie people keep hearing Crazy, so we are going to have to start using the more formal GRACE to avoid any more confusion! 🙂

We have survived 1 week of kindergarten, and 2 weeks behind the wheel, I think we can handle November in Finland. Have a good weekend & drive safely people.

Address for Papershop: Fredrikinkatu 18, 00120 Helsinki, Finland


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