Coffee & books

Sadly it’s goodbye to flat whites at our favourite neighbourhood café The Exhibitionist









This is our cosy local neighbourhood café which we have loved on the 5 short days a week it opened.

Sadly it is going into new hands next week and we are going to have to find someone else who can make a flat white just the way we like it. It such a sweet little place that’s all about to change and re-open in the new year. Hopefully the new owners stay with the same relaxed vibe that we love. It seats fewer than 15 people and it almost feels like you are in someone’s little private studio.

It has been owned by a nice French guy Grégoire and his lovely Japanese/Finnish partner Yuki. It has also been a book exchange and you could pay for your coffee in books. It is scattered with pre-loved books from around the world, which make for nice browsing and the books are also for sale.

The café opened as their hobby, and now it seems it has started to feel a lot like work, even though it is quietly very popular in the area. They are both returning to their graphic design professions and sound pretty excited about that!

It’s interesting to think about this; often we dream of turning our hobby into a career, but then when it happens, maybe it too just starts to feel like work. Something to consider before jumping in and turning that thing you love to do as a release, into a career. Today they said they were excited to spend next Sunday sleeping in and trying somewhere else for brunch!

They have kindly served us great coffee (and not looked at as weirdly when we have asked for flat whites) since moving into the area and they made a delicious avocado smoothie for our wee Gracie, and we are going to miss this place just the way it was.

For me it’s the little things like a good cup of coffee that make you feel a bit closer to home.


9 thoughts on “Coffee & books

  1. Oh what a shame! Looked like such a lovely place. So true that as soon as you have to do something a lot of the joy disappears.
    Hope you find another good flat white soon. Is that a Kiwi thing? The Aussies love them too! x

  2. Aussies and Kiwis sort of fight over who started flat whites, we can’t agree but yeah we both love them and they are pretty unheard over ever here. In Finland a cappuccino is quite similar to our fw (it is nothing like a cappuccino as we know it in the the UK with all that foam and sprinkles) but it was so nice to have somewhere local who could make it perfectly!

    True, even keeping a blog starts to feel like work when I tell myself I need to write at least 1 post a week. As soon as rules are involved it all starts to feel a bit dull for me too! I need to keep it fresh and leave a 6 month gap between posts 🙂

    1. They are amazing Lena, you should try! You can make them yourself with just milk, banana, honey, avocado, & vanilla yoghurt. The first time I tried it was in China actually, and I thought it would be weird but it’s so delicious! x

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