First Snow in Finland

Last weekend we had our first proper snowfall in Helsinki!



P1270859 (1)




P1270858 (1)

It was like waking up to a beautiful winter wonderland for 2 days. As it was our daughters first time to see snow she wasn’t too sure about all that white fluff falling from the sky on Friday, but she loved it once it had all settled on Saturday.

We really needed this snow as it’s been a bit dark and depressing around here these days – yup dark by 3.30, you would swear it was 6.30 at night! As beautiful as the snow was, these pictures paint a totally unrealistic picture of how November in Finland actually looked… I may have been a bit optimistic in my last post when I said we would get through November in Finland ‘just fine!’ I am now so glad grey, dark, damp November is almost over; we have struggled a lot with the darkness especially this being our first real winter in a 2 years. We actually invested in one of those sun lamps to help trick our bodies into thinking we are getting some much needed vitamin D. Doesn’t every body just feel better with a bit of sun on their skin? So far the lamp is NOT doing the trick for me so we have decided to jump on a plane next weekend and head over to Paris for the weekend to at least give us a break from the darkness. Hopefully some pastries in Paris and a bit more daylight will help us feel human again!

How does one get by in so much darkness? Next November I want to be somewhere else. New Zealand maybe having a BBQ, running around with my feet on freshly cut grass, jumping into the sea and hanging out with the family and friends. November in Finland is not cool. It’s unanimous.


9 thoughts on “First Snow in Finland

  1. I think the lamp light is a great investment! Better than an air purifier!!! Paris will definitely help too 🙂 It’s funny but I’m in the sunshine dreaming of a white Christmas! A sunny Christmas is lovely but will never feel quite right for me. Shall we do a house swap?! Bon Vacance a Paris xxx

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