Paris with love







My first post of 2015 and it’s a look back to one of my last trips of 2014. Paris

This is my fourth visit to Paris and every time, no matter the season, it’s unique and utterly beautiful! This was a quick weekend escape to help us through the harsh Finnish winter. It was still chilly in Paris but the brightness and general buzz was refreshing after the solitude of November (Finns tend to hibernate this time of year.) Helsinki has been airy and quiet for us after 8 years in London and a couple in Beijing.

Paris was just what we needed. We didn’t do a lot of sight seeing although a quick snap at the base the Eiffle Tower was essential and then we fought the crowds (and some fashionistas with selfie sticks) to get a little higher and capture our daughter in front of the tower. Generally though we just had some precious family time relaxing in cafés and eating delicious french food. One of my favourite moments was a breakfast stop at Twinkie breakfasts where my daughter quietly drew and played with a snow globe from the café window. Bliss!

Paris never disappoints but my fond thoughts are saddened since the recent attacks on the city. I feel for all the families and people around the world effected by the shootings of innocent people. An attack on freedom of expression is an attack on the whole world #jusuischarlie

Thinking of Paris.


11 thoughts on “Paris with love

  1. Like the others have mentioned, lovely pictures!
    I’ve never been to Paris, missed my opportunity, sadly, and this post makes me want to go so much more! I’ve been to Normandy and Mont Saint-Michel, which were great I’d definitely recommend

    1. Thank you! You definitely do need to visit Paris. It’s incredibly beautiful, and even worth going for the food alone!! Then again, I haven’t been to the places you mention, so thanks for your recommendations also!

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