Our Finnish Winter

Early January in Finland at 2pm

Early January in Finland at 2pm

Early January in Finland at 2pm

4 months 8

I have been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few months. Here’s what happened. In September we moved to Finland, super excited! The place looked glorious with crunchy golden leaves falling to the ground, crisp blue skies and fresh healthy air, which we so needed after 20 months managing the pollution of China.

October was nice enough, the days crept shorter without too much notice. Then November happened. It’s all a bit of a blur but somewhere there it got dark. Really dark – short but seemingly long days without colour or brightness. Everything looked gloomy for so long (and not like London grey, truly grey). I felt less like sharing travel stories, and and more like hiding in my duvet while wondering how we were going to get through 4 months of this.

There were some beautiful moments where the skies looked alive, but it didn’t last long and then darkness again. We were playing in the park one day at 2pm and I was thinking “It looks like my baby should be in bed… Take me back to China!” Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

December we ran away to London to see family and by January – back in Helsinki, I was one foot on a plane home for some sweet NZ sunshine (if not for that 36 hour, 3 lay over flight with a toddler!!)

Then lightness came – along with fresh white snow. Finally I felt the days start to get longer almost as quickly as they got dark, and with it my November-January blue’s, relocation blue’s, whatever they were started to pass. I am finally starting to appreciate the little things about this place again. Thank you February!

I should have know after three international moves that it takes 6 months to a year to really find your feet but I have a feeling I might need to see all season’s in Helsinki before I can say I truly love the place but I think we are finally on the way.


5 thoughts on “Our Finnish Winter

  1. In Mikkeli we have had many sunny day. Well, Finland is so big, that the weather conditions vary very much depending on where man lives. The amount of snow varies from the year to year in Helsinki. Some years there has been too much snow. Anyway enjoy life in Helsinki because it is a good start to know Finland, its people, art, unknown treasures and things which do not exist nowhere else than in Finland.. Someday if You have possibility visit outside Helsinki and explore the nature’s wonder in the North.

    Have a nice day!

    1. I really look forward to exploring outside of Helsinki! We will definitely come North sometime this year. I am told there has not been much snow in Helsinki this winter compared to others, which is a shame as the snow really helps brighten things up! I am looking forward to seeing all that Finland has to offer in spring & summer! The long days and lightness will be such a novelty! 😀

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