In My Bag

I had a friend visit me from Catalonia a few weeks ago and we had the nicest week trying lots of delicious Finnish cafes, shopping Scandinavian design stores and cooking with whatever we could lay our hands on locally. We swam in Helsinki’s oldest swimming hall Yrjonkadun, which retains the charm of the original 1920’s structure (and we even felt brave enough to swim the traditional Finnish way sans togs) lastly we spent unhealthy amounts of time in Stockmann.

Stockmann is pretty much the Selfridges of Helsinki. Stockmann is good for most things but excellent for cheese (they know their cheese and they are not stingy on letting you sample before you buy) it’s also great for exploring skincare and beauty ranges. The ground floor has all the usual commercial ranges you would expect in a luxury department store but the lower ground pharmacy has a wonderful selection of boutique, organic, natural and european brands.

I have worked in beauty before so still love to discover new brands that actually work and aren’t attached to some obscene price tag, so this little underground pharmacy is a beauty junkies dream. These are some of my new firm favourite products that have found a place in my travel bag – they work but won’t break the bank either!

Organic Tinting Fluid
made in Latvia
A tinted moisturiser that is great for busy mum types like myself who don’t have time to apply fussy foundation but it gives you just enough glow.

Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion
made in Germany
Not an unfamiliar brand, just a product I had never tried before. For me it’s the perfect moisturiser that actually works for slightly sensitive and combination skin.

Bio Rose & Aloés Eye Gel
made in Germany
I decided it was time I would grow-up (a little) and start using an eye cream. For an ‘eyecream-beginner’ this product is perfect for hydration around the eyes.

4. Lumene
Arctic Aqua 24 hour Moisture Body Lotion
made in Finland
Just a good all around affordable, super hydrating, non-greasy body moisturiser. Good

5. Meba Oil
Super Soother Organic Oil
made in New Zealand
This one is not from Finland but it deserves a mention because it is always in my bag. It’s perfect for any red rashy skin, especially little babies bums. They are fixed in a flash and it smells divine too! It’s a must have.

Enjoy! Do you have any super, no fuss beauty products you care to share?


4 thoughts on “In My Bag

    1. Thanks Natosharose! It’s good to share products that actually work otherwise you can waste a lot of money on this stuff and I am trying to use more organic or at least natural products these days. I love all of these! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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