Little Life Update

So, I got thinking the other night about how I can make better use of my free time. I have a very busy toddler keeping me on my toes, and I have another active bun in the oven sapping my energy levels of late. I’m now 24 weeks pregnant, so if I think life feels busy now, I know I am in for a rude awakening when number 2 arrives!

I have taken on a night class of photography which is fun but also takes time, so the blog feels like a commitment which will probably fade away in the coming months if I don’t make some changes to fit with my new life. However, I would like to keep pushing myself to capture the little travel things before this expat adventure is over and we actually put roots down somewhere – that’s the end goal.

From here I will (well, I hope to) share weekly (haha fortnightly at least) just a few brief snaps of our travels. It will be a way I can regularly and more consistently share some moments with family, keep working on my photography and keep lovely blog friends up to date.

I’ll always reference where the pictures are taken at least for a bit of context. Follow along friends for a less wordy adventure – Next week let’s see what we can find in Tenerife. I am so excited for some sunshine. We haven’t felt the sun on our skin since China!

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10 thoughts on “Little Life Update

  1. Good idea! But you must tell us about your photo course first!
    Enjoy Tenerife. Haven’t been for years but we had a lovely family holiday there as kids. Xxx

    1. I’ll email you, but it’s great Bex! Really makes me want to study again… I tried a portrait photography class which wasn’t for me at all, but now I’m doing street photography and it’s fab. Love the teacher & I can get out of it whatever I want. Perfect for my life right now! xx

  2. I think you under estimate your ability. Yours blogs are wonderful. We love your news and adventures. We had not heard your wonderful news of your pending addition. Congrats to you and Simon and of course to Gracie

  3. From our living rooms in New Zealand we will look forward to travelling with you as you share your adventure.

  4. Finally updated myself on the blog! all looking awesome Leashy! and glad you are expanding on your talents πŸ™‚ you have such a great eye for composition and creativity, can’t wait to see more xx

    1. ❀ OH I MISS YOU! Why don't we live closer?? Sign up for my emails then you don't have to sign into my blog, or rely on me sharing on FB- you can just read the ones that interest you πŸ˜‰ Love ya!

  5. Congratulations on your new addition! I loved reading about how you managed to find time for a new project – I have a new baby and apart from squeezing in a few minutes to blog have no time for anything new… Do you find this gets easier as they get older?

    1. Thank you! How old is your baby? Congratulations to you too. Right now I am massively failing to find the time for my blog. I forgot just how much work new babies are! Especially with my toddler running circles around me. So, no it’s not getting easier as yet! Hopefully I’ll catch up with the blog again soon…

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