Our Finnish Home

Last week was a quiet one which was nice and at some point (I think after a big clean up of the house) I realised how much our Finnish house has started to feel like a home; with the help of some prints on the walls and a few Finnish treats – these are some of my favourites.

Little Red Jukka Finnish Rocking Horse
Print Anthony Burrill

Finnish glasswear from Iittala

Danish Kaleido trays by Hay

It’s taken us 8 months to get to this point, Finnish houses really are empty when you arrive – they don’t even leave the light fittings or curtains tracks. We loved this house for the location and we imagined that it would fill with light in the spring but after a long drawn out winter we were starting to wonder when that would ever happen. Well the season has finally changed and our house is brimming with light from before we wake till when we are ready to go to bed and it really does help the place feel like a home.


9 thoughts on “Our Finnish Home

  1. Every Finnish house has something from Iittala:) It is my favorite design and we have everything from wine glasses to vases. My husbands mother is from Finland so we started to get Iittala design as gifts but turned out I really like the design:) I love the Iittala outlet in Helsinki, you can get some really good deals there (I am sure you have been there already).

    1. Iittala is beautiful isn’t it! We are slowly collecting a few pieces and picking up some glassware in the flea markets and vintage stores in Helsinki. I haven’t made it to the outlet store but I have heard it’s great! Yet to get there and to the Marimekko outlet! Looking forward to both šŸ™‚

  2. Hello! Just came across your blog from Pinjacolada! I am a NZer with a week in Helsinki in September… so looking forward to seeing your discoveries! I work for Bolt of Cloth – the retailer for Marimekko in NZ… so can not wait to visit all the Marimekko stores!! Love your Dick Frizzell Mickey to Tiki print… always nice to have a bit of NZ design in your home!

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting my blog! Sounds like you have an amazing trip planned! How nice to come to Europe for the summer and then leave to go home in time for the NZ summer, getting the best of both worlds!

      Yes, I have to embrace a bit of the local design but always like to have my little reminders of home around the place šŸ˜‰

  3. Bex made a good comment on your little red rocking horse and I remind you that your rocking horse has a mate waiting for your return to New Zealand. Nice pics of your Finish home. Thanks for sharing šŸ˜€

  4. Coincidentally I discovered bolt of Cloth in Christchurch last week and talked at some length about how my daughter and grand daughter who were in Finland would like the shop

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