Vappu Spring Celebrations

We just celebrated our first Vappu in Helsinki which is a Finnish celebration to mark the beginning of spring!

The city came to life for a street party which starts on April 30th. Thousands of people came together to watch students wash the statue of Havis Amanda and place a cap on her head. This is the most vibrant I have ever seen the city, there was an incredible buzz after a long dark winter. Lots of bubbles being drunk (sadly not by me this year), balloons everywhere, street music, colourful costumes and graduate caps to mark the eve of the beginning of spring. The celebrations continued onto the May 1st with picnics in Kaivopuisto Park and we got together with friends for a delicious feast. Such a perfect day.


16 thoughts on “Vappu Spring Celebrations

    1. Thank you! There was so much colour, it was brilliant for taking photos! My daughter loved it all. Although that Olaf balloon I bought was the most expensive balloon EVER! I couldn’t believe it when they said 30 euros but I had already given it to my daughter! Ouch that hurt!

  1. What a fun and unique holiday. I have never heard of it but I have never been to Finland. 30 Euros for a balloon! Major ouch. I guess that is the reason that as a family we travel to Central and South America instead! I look forward to reading more. Saw your comments on The Snow Melts Somewhere and found you. Happy travels, Cheryl

      1. It will! I love Europe but wish it was a tad less expensive for families. A few days in Amsterdam was almost the same as a week or more in gorgeous places in Morocco a few years back. But our kids are hooked on Europe so what can you do? Little moments of Europe will have to suffice. 🙂

  2. That looks awesome Leash! As does that fairy bread and wine! Sounds like you are enjoying some warmer weather xx

  3. Great photos but ow on the balloon! We paid $15 for a Cars balloon at the Easter show in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. Same deal. It was already in Ted’s hot sticky hand before we realised the error!

  4. What a colourful celebration! I have never heard about Vappu before – looks like it was a great day:)

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