Cherry Blossom in Helsinki

While most of Europe has probably had their cherry blossom months ago (I know, you’re all over it from the overload of blossom on Instagram) it was novelty for us in Finland and so nice to see it come to fruition in Helsinki. Last Thursday was Ascension Day in Finland so we visited the Hanami cherry blossom festival in Roihuvuoren Kirsikkapuistossa; a cherry tree park where there are 150 trees that have been sponsored by the Japanese community in Helsinki. Such a pretty day out with music, dancing and celebrations beneath the blossom trees. The festival was scattered with a few showers but it made everything sparkle when the sun came out. The pretty pastels must be a sign warmer days are on the way!


12 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom in Helsinki

  1. You have to love those perfect kind of days when everything comes together and nature is at its most beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl (in Canada… we are at the same stage as you)

      1. Canada is wonderful but it is just so huge for travel. This is why Europe is so much better. Short distances and you are in new country, new culture, new language. I just love that aspect!

  2. The photos look really nice and is very representative of the Helsinki that we are seeing now during our first visit. It is wonderful to see the spring flowers including daffodils which remind us of spring back in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are also enjoying the long evenings and walking around the lake with the hundreds of others who are doing the same.

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      1. We did… :/ as soon as we got there, it started hailing for a bit. Well, luckily it ended quickly. What did you think of the performances, costumes etc?

  3. As the seasons come and go spring always brings with it renewal. Nature reminds us that nothing stays the same forever, the grey days in life will always be followed with brighter days to come with new growth hope and joy.

    You look as though you are enjoying every minute. Happy days xxx

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