Birthday Colours

Last week was a special week, we celebrated our daughter’s second birthday with an afternoon tea party with friends. I think she had a the dream birthday week, especially as her grandparents are in town all the way from New Zealand (and she got to enjoy copious amounts of sugar for a day!) She is obsessed with balloons so we strung balloons and flags on each wall, which she loved waking up to; they are still up a week later!

Our birthday girl wore a little tulle tutu which I splashed out on by French brand Billieblush. At first she didn’t want to wear it as she thought the netting would scratch her legs, (omg an opinion of fashion already) but once she had tights on and the distraction of daddy blowing up balloons she forgot about what she was wearing and partied the day away!

I made the same Classic Vanilla Butter Cake that I did for her first birthday. I love this recipe, easy enough, buttery and pretty with pastel icing!

I felt very sentimental as suddenly my baby doesn’t seem such a baby any more. It is surreal to think that her first birthday was celebrated in China this time 1 year ago, and now we are in Finland with many new wonderful friends. These first few years are so precious and are going by so fast!

Wonder where in the world we will celebrate her 3rd birthday?


6 thoughts on “Birthday Colours

  1. The decorations and setting look like they popped out of a magazine spread. Gorgeous colours. She is a very lucky girl to have 2 birthdays in 2 different continents so far 🙂 Cheryl

  2. This makes me tear up a little bit. Such a little lady already. What a wonderful party. Love the balloons, love the cake and love the tutu. Happy Birthday, Gracie xxx

  3. Hi …

    I am Titikshya. I am on my way of setting up an event organizing company here in Finland specifically related to Kids Birthday parties. Also doing my masters Thesis on that . Would it be possible for you to give me an interview (generic questions abut finnish people, life style and how do they celebrate these events).

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