Our Little Summer Baby

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Summer in Finland is beautiful, never too hot, finally not too cold, and I am so happy to be enjoying every minute of it with our precious baby girl. She arrived in a hurry – within 10 minutes of arriving at hospital yikes! I was determined this time not to spend hours in hospital but I almost left things a little too late and for a moment I thought I was having her in the car – much to the amusement of my husband. Luckily she stayed put just long enough to get to hospital, but I have never been so relieved to get anywhere in my life. After a lot of deliberation my husband and I finally agreed on a name and decided to give her a Finnish middle name Lumi, which means snow after the long cold winter we had endured together.

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Finally the warm summer days we were promised arrived in August and we got to enjoy the lakeside pop-up cafes with our girls. It’s hard to believe this is the same place we moved to 11 months ago as three – summer has definitely been my favourite time of year in Helsinki.

It feels like such a luxury to cradle my new baby outside and have her breathing all that beautiful fresh air after being housebound with my first by the pollution of Beijing. It’s something I would have previously taken for granted before living there. I feel like I am floating on clouds right now, there is also something strangely therapeutic about nursing your baby by a sparkling lake. It’s so peaceful and hard to explain but I am totally in my element here. No prying eyes, just me and my beautiful baby chilling by a lake.

Let’s see how I feel when winter returns and temperatures reach lows of -20 degrees. Did you know a lot of Finnish babies continue to sleep outside even in the depths of winter till temperatures get below about -10 degrees? They wrap their babies in layers of appropriate thermal clothing and believe that babies sleep longer and more peacefully. I’m yet to be convinced it’s for me.


5 thoughts on “Our Little Summer Baby

    1. Thanks Judy! Wish you could pop over for a cuppa and a cuddle with her! That’s the hardest thing about being away. Not being about to share the kids with friends & family. At the very least you can have a little glimpse through the blog until we meet again!

  1. Yum that icecream looks good! glad to see you are getting some real sun after having to rely on a sunlamp in winter! you are looking bloody gorgeous too! xx

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