4 Seasons of Finland

Winter 2014

Summer versus Winter on Töölönlahti Helsinki, Finland.

Summer 2015

So, we made it, it’s our Finnish anniversary – we have been living here for exactly 1 year. That’s how long I think it really takes to find your feet in any new city. Find what you like and don’t. Figure out the people, food, lifestyle. Make a foreign city feel like a home. The cool thing about Helsinki is even though it’s small we are still finding some new places to hang out everyday.

Here’s my round up of our first four season’s in Finland.

See more Autumn Colours>

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See more Summer Bliss >

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog, always grateful for your visit.


13 thoughts on “4 Seasons of Finland

      1. The weather is so unpredictable here! Summer didn’t arrive till August so if you came in June/July when you might expect sun you would think we had no summer at all! So, I couldn’t even tell you the best month to visit! At least during the winter months you can count on it being cold! 😉

  1. Loved walking around the waters edge to the Töölönlahti cafe with you and the girls last Sumer. Great to see the dramatic difference in the photo in wintertime taken in the same spot. Warm hearts will help you survive the cold dark winter.

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