Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle 2

We recently visited Seattle for a week to see if it is somewhere we would like to live as a family. Yes, we must be crazy, we are considering our 3rd international move in as many years.

Both the girls and I were kindly given some clothing of my choice from one of my favourite Finnish brands Mainio Clothing. It was fun to wear a little bit of Finnish print on our trip and I got a number comments from people on the street asking where these pieces were from. The style feels very Finnish, and I love their easy tunic dresses & my oversized black hooded jacket. I literally wore that every day in Seattle as the weather is really changeable so you need layers. Thank you Mainio.

Seattle 5

Seattle 3

Seattle new 1

This bold little outfit compliments my daughters energetic personality perfectly! She had fun exploring the downtown water front in the nearby city Kirkland. These photos were taken mid sugar-high after sharing the biggest slice of cake of our life!

Seattle 6

The next day after a broken nights sleep, due to the awkward 10 hour time difference we were up early and off to see the Seattle public library by Rem Koolhaas. It is the most impressive building with it’s 11 floating levels which you weave your way through all while feeling encaged by a steel net.

Seattle 7

Seattle 9

Seattle 8

Seattle (excluding downtown) actually felt weirdly familiar, it reminded me a lot of New Zealand with all the open space and greenery, lots of water and natural outdoor environment. It rains a lot like the West coast of New Zealand, but it felt like it would be quite an easy transition moving here.

Seattle 10

Seattle 12

Seattle 14

We chose to get away from the hustle of downtown Seattle. After living in apartments for so many years it’s nice to think of living in an actual house with a back yard and a bit closer to nature. It’s funny how kids change your priorities. This was a day trip we spent wandering around Snoqualmie Falls where we changed G into her red rain boots and she got to explore the wilderness.

Seattle 15

Seattle 16

Seattle 18

Seattle 20

Thank you for reading! This post was created in collaboration with Mainio Clothing who create beautiful clothing in certified organic cotton for both mum and babies! Luckily for us they ship worldwide ❀


13 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the red little rain boots with the red dress! And prints really suit you, too! “Mainio” is actually an adjective in Finnish, it means something between awesome and funny but it’s a slightly oldish word. As a name for a children’s clothing store/brand it fits really well πŸ™‚ I hope you’ll like Seattle, if/when you go. It’s a good sign if it reminds you of home, isn’t it?! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Snow! I am so glad you told me about the meaning behind Mainio! I did wonder about that word. I am glad to be able to introduce you to some new brands, and I am always happy to learn more about Finnish and Finland from you! We are a good team like that, I am a bit lazy with the language (it’s hard) but I am always keeping my eyes open for interesting brands, things I like, online especially while the kids nap or out and about with the stroller while I try and make them sleep! Haha that’s our life right now! πŸ˜‰ Yeah I think that Seattle had a pretty good feeling about it!

  2. PS. I’m always in awe of how you find all these interesting brands in Finland! I’ve never heard of the shops you mention in your blog but you make me want to try them out! I’ve written down the name of that beanie shop you mentioned a while ago πŸ™‚

  3. It looks amazing and you both look fab! We are desperate to go and spend some time in the states, my OH is also obsessed with the idea of moving to New Zealand for a bit but I’m not sure I could handle that long on a place. I’m def up for America though, he just needs to try and find some work which will be the hard part! x

    1. Thanks Jess! Yeah the flight to New Zealand from Europe is a painful one, that’s part of the reason we need to leave Finland as it’s too far to fly with kids! At least America will be a bit closer and a direct flight to get home! You OH is right though NZ is pretty special!

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