Finnish Gingerbread

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Last week we made our first batch of gingerbread biscuits or ‘Piparkakut’ to help set the mood for Christmas. Ginger biscuits are a Finnish Christmas tradition I hope to always keep with the kids. They are so simple to make and fun to decorate, even when the icing is not perfect. I have always enjoyed baking and it brings back so many childhood memories. I enjoy it even more now with my own kids, even though it makes a bigger mess. I love the Christmassy smell of the cinnamon and ginger, G had such fun making these and eating quite a bit of mixture too. We didn’t actually have any biscuit cutters, but conveniently G was given a perfectly sized set of playdough cutters for her birthday which came in really handy for the biscuits. Here is a lovely traditional Finnish recipe, they usually keep them simple without any icing at all.

What Christmas traditions do you have with your children? I would like to start as many as I can that don’t just revolve around gifting.


2 thoughts on “Finnish Gingerbread

  1. They look so good! I love the icing colours. A little tradition I am hoping to introduce for Ted this year is that present ‘treasure hunt’. My Grandad used to do it every year for us and I’m so excited for Ted to play this year. Basically involves chasing around the house (and garden) looking for the gift! He is present-mad, so I think he will love it x

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