Last Year in Review

First I want to shout a big Happy New Year to my friends, family and to any readers that stumble upon my blog! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. Before I start setting unrealistic goals for the year ahead I think it’s nice to take a look back at what went well in the year that’s been. Here’s a peak into my 2015.

You should try this, I was actually surprised how much we did last year once I started looking back at all my pictures. Before I did this I thought it had been a rather quiet year… except for having a baby, nothing quiet about that little lady!

January It’s below zero and only light for 6 hours a day. Still we managed to turn the winter blues into some lovely moments by jumping on sledges and experiencing some authentic Finnish moments.

February wouldn’t have been a lot brighter if it wasn’t for a great ‘also pregnant’ friend popping over from Spain giving me a buddy to explore the city with, and try a nudie Finnish swim.

March I took my first solo Mummy break to London which was awesome as a little refresher. With number 2 on the way, It was going to be a while before this would happen again.

April we were desperate for some vitamin D so we jumped on a flight to Tenerife. This was one of the most relaxing holidays of our life. Not much to do in Tenerife but enjoy the sun.

May I completed a Finnish street photography course while rather tired and pregnant. Then we headed off to Northern Italy for our last family trip as three.

June I wasn’t going anywhere and it was a bit of a waiting game for baby to arrive back in Helsinki, while enjoying the sweetest Helsinki summer.

July the happiest month ever with the arrival of our second baby girl. I am so loved up with this little lady and can barely remember life before this chatterbox came along.

August I got to share the joy of my new baby with my mum who arrived just in time to greet her, and see the Helsinki summer at it’s best.

September we managed to convince half the in-laws to fly to Helsinki from around the world to meet our newest addition to the family, that was pretty special.

October, we took our first family holiday as a four to the Cotswolds, and had a actual grown-up night without kids for a beautiful autumn wedding.

November we travelled to Seattle to see if it was somewhere we could live. Sadly Helsinki is just too far from home (and a touch cold and dark) for us kiwis to stay for good.

December we hosted our first and last family Christmas in Helsinki complete with a dusting of snow on boxing day.

How was your 2015? Was it a good one or are you glad it’s over? I know of a few people who are happy to put it behind them. What’s in store for you in 2016?It looks like we are up and moving to Seattle. There are a few things I plan to do differently in 2016. I’ll save that post for another day. For now I want to view every day as an opportunity to make and capture happy memories. Remember every day is a clean slate to do more of the things that make you happy. Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “Last Year in Review

  1. Enjoyed reading the monthly overview and your comments about 2015. The prompt to enjoy each and every day are important for us all. Hope all goes well for you in Seattle. Look forward to future editions. 🙂
    Happy New year from us in sunny New Zealand

  2. Happy New Year Abbie! I have been following your adventures. Your Byron post had me pining even harder for sun! I was reading that with snow falling outside and longing to escape somewhere hot. It would be fun if our paths crossed, contact me if you ever end up near Seattle. Let’s hope it’s great! x

  3. A quiet year indeed! You’ve been around the world. I’m so jealous reading this. Beautiful photos and so many memories. Not long until you are on the plane to New Zealand for the start of the 2016 adventures. Fun times xxxx

    1. Thanks Bex, it’s easy to pull out the highlights but I can assure you there were many struggles in between. I did like pulling these pictures though as it helps you to focus on all that was good! Let’s hope 2016 is a great one, and a little warmer for me! x

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