Finnish Summer Cottage

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We just returned from a few magical nights in a Finnish summer cottage in the Nuuksio National Park. Yes, that’s right this is a Summer Cottage. I can only image how beautiful it is in warmer months.

As we are saying goodbye to our home in Finland, we are ticking a few things off our bucket list. This was the version of Finland I had always dreamed of; fluffy white snow, a lakeside log cabin, huge sauna, a frozen lake, and for the brave a private swimming hole which we were told took 1 hour and 4 people to dig. Standing upon the ice sheet of a lake in minus 11 degrees was enough for me, even that literally took my breath away.

We loved the rustic charm of the cottage which was a little bit shabby a little bit luxe. We dream of building something similar back in rural New Zealand one day. This weekend made us even more determined to make it happen. Obviously it will be minus the snow, sauna and probably not made of logs at all, but the simplicity and compact scale of it, with raw materials in our home country. It had such a relaxed holiday atmosphere about it, which we loved.

I have been keeping a Pinterest board for more inspiration for our rural dream house. Life goals for the future in New Zealand. What do you think?


22 thoughts on “Finnish Summer Cottage

    1. It was lovely Suvi! Shame we aren’t going to be around here long enough to experience it again in summer. I bet it’s amazing then too! I was heavily pregnant last summer so we didn’t get to go and enjoy a summer cottage then, but this more than made up for it!

  1. The shot through the window is wonderful. When we were renovating our little house (by Aussie standards) I often got inspiration from people’s holiday homes in magazines. They were generally simple, relaxed and compact. Just like the one your describe here. I think it’s a wonderful idea to build a something similar in NZ.

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