Experiencing -24 Degrees

January has been freezing in Helsinki. For one week we had temperatures solidly around -20. It has been so cold that now anything above -10 feels quite mild. I took a wander with my camera on a minus 24 degree day just out of interest and it was a such a novel experience to me. Here are some shots I snapped quickly.

half size 9

half size 12

half size 10

half size 6

half size 5

half size 8

half size 4

Keep in mind it was so cold I had to keep moving to stay warm so the shots were fired off really fast with gloves. By the time I got home I was freezing, my eyelashes and the moisture on my hat and scarf had frozen solid. I probably stayed out little too long in retrospect but I was loving the airy calm and there was this mild excitement from the Finns I was meeting out and about; a sense of Finnish pride in braving the cold together. It was quite fun (and this is from a girl who normally hates to be cold!)

small size

We also went to the Helsinki Lux light festival that week which was rather beautiful in the snow although we didn’t mess around as it was a bit cold with little kiddies.

half size 3

half size 1

half size 2

You can only imagine how much we are looking forward to heading somewhere a bit warmer next month and catching up with the family back in N E W Z E A L A N D. We more than need a break after this harsh winter so I’ll probably be a bit quiet on the blog for a while. You can always catch up with me Instagram. Come and say hi!


17 thoughts on “Experiencing -24 Degrees

  1. I really enjoyed the photos too. I cannot imagine living in such cold weather. The Lux light festival sounds like the White Night in Melbourne, but that one has summer heat, not snow. πŸ˜‰

  2. It really was cold wasn’t it! I was grumbling about it but now that the snow is melting and the roads have turned to ice, I would rather have -20 c and beautiful landscapes πŸ™‚ Good luck with your move!

  3. Dramatic contrast to the summer landscapes you photographed in the same area. Enjoyed your pics as always. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the next leg of your journey.

  4. The photos of the cold are warm and lively and so are you and so is Finland.
    (I retired to Helsinki, am an EU citizen from Ireland.)
    Keep the blogs coming

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