Mother’s Day Dresses

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummies out there doing their best by our most important little people. Hope you have a had a special day celebrating the most rewarding but hardest job in the world.

I spent my Mum’s Day at home; had a sleep in, did a fancy Philosophy face mask a gift from my daughters , had couple of blissful hours to myself while hubby took the kids to the park and then we had a family lunch of healthy broccoli & feta fritters (I used Kale instead of broccoli for no other reason than it was in the fridge), and then we smashed some cupcakes the kids bought to balance out the healthy lunch with a Mother’s Day treat, so good!

While I had some time to myself I got browsing dresses online because the other day was stinking hot and I threw on bright striped dress that looked like a rainbow. My daughter’s face lit up and she said ‘Mummy you look so pretty and colourful!’ (normally I’m in faded jeans and a tee.) It was the sweetest, most sincere compliment, like only a child can give. I love being a mum, I adore the little things that come out of kid’s mouths – if even a colourful dress can put a smile on their faces, I want to do it more often! I am truly honoured to be a mum to my two precious girls who inspire me every day in the simplest of ways.

My wonderful mum has always told me don’t save nice clothes for best and I think it’s great advice. Wear clothes that make you feel good, have fun and brighten up every day! Here are some of the playful dresses I’m eying up as a M’Day treat to myself.

1. Kitten Print Dress
2. Cream Embroidered Tee Dress
3. Black Shirt Dress
4. Floral Print Tunic
5. Floral Kimono Dress

How did you all spend your Mother’s Day? Have you checked out Dress Like a Mum for even more colourful outfit inspiration? I love her style.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Dresses

  1. Can’t believe I missed this post! Love all these dresses especially the red and purple one. It is so sweet when you get a compliment from your little one isn’t it…my son often says “Lovely dress Mummy”…it’s the sweetest thing *heart melts*:)) x

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