Happy Holidays, Best Baby Carrier + Win

Christmas 2016

Where has 2016 gone? I don’t know about you but I feel like this year just flew by. A lot has happened this year, we moved countries, bought a house in a grown-up neighbourhood which feels like a huge commitment for us – but it has also been a quiet year in many ways. We haven’t travelled like other years as we just needed to stay put for a while and get comfortable with our new city, and get used to normal home life. The first year in a new country is challenging especially with kids as it is about figuring things out; finding doctors, dentists, schools, activities for the kids, grocery stores, learning how to drive on new roads, finding baby-sitters you can trust and that’s before you even start carving a life for yourself and thinking about your own relationships and forming new friendships. Things are finally starting to come together for us but it has been a gradual process.

I have been pretty quiet on my blog this year with the above in mind but I want to find more time for myself in 2017 and get back to exploring more of the Pacific North West with the kids, heading to Mexico and I can’t wait to plonk myself on a beach in Hawaii. I am looking forward to 2017 – some craziness went down in 2016 around the world. Let’s put ’16 behind us.

To say thank you for reading and happy holidays to one hard working Mumma out there I am offering a $50 USD gift card to spend here. You can put it towards something for your own travels with a baby, maternity clothing, kids clothes, shoes or whatever you like. They actually have everything you could possibly need for babies including some of the best baby wraps and carriers. I want to try a new softer baby carrier for my next long haul flight to New Zealand in summer. If you use a soft carrier you can usually get through airport security without having to remove your baby which is a huge bonus if baby is sleeping, or even just to have your hands free. Wish I knew that when I bought my carrier which annoyingly has a metal back support meaning I always have to take my baby out. To win the $50 credit all you have to do is comment below with your favourite baby carrier for travel or tell me how you would spend the prize if you won. That’s it, I’ll pick a winner on Christmas Day.

That’s my goodbye for 2016 with with a glimpse of the holiday season. I was thinking today how different my eldest daughters Christmases have been. She’s not even four and she’s been lucky enough to spend a summery Christmas in New Zealand, followed by a chilly English country Christmas, a below zero Christmas at the Finnish home of Santa himself, and now in the USA I am writing this as tiny snow flakes are falling outside. It’s a very subtle chill so far and a completely different level of cold from our Finnish Christmas last year. We have loved each and everyone of these travel experiences and Christmas is always a magic time of year to experience some place new.

Happy holidays & enjoy!

Competition now closed.

christmas 2016

This post was kindly sponsored but all views are honest and as always are my own. I will be donating any funds from this post to The UN Refugee Agency in the hope of helping a family devastated by war in Syria. Every little helps.


16 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, Best Baby Carrier + Win

  1. Welcome! I look froward to checking out your blog. The responsible part of me would send the Diaper’s gift card on diapers. The irresponsible part of me would want to buy niffy toys!!!!

  2. My favorite carrier for travel is my Tula. It’s amazing how each baby fits differently in each carrier. I would spend the $50 on travel toys or accessories.

  3. Your blog resonated with me. We are coming off the heels of a domestic and international move with small children. I have also lived in Finland earlier in my life and remember the wonderful snowy winters. Strangely, somehow the dark didn’t bother me there as it does here. My husband and I also joke that we’ve bought our first adult house. I hope that your transition is completing and you are beginning to feel at home in the PNW. If chosen I’d use the $50 to purchase a carrier for my cousin. I’ve had my Ergo and loved it through many airports around the world. I’m hoping she’ll be able to have a similar experience with her first.

    1. Merry Christmas & congratulations Jennifer – my daughter picked your name out of a hat so you get the $50 to spend on a carrier for your cousin! Congrats and that’s such a kind way to spend the credit. I’ll email you shortly with instructions 😀

  4. How fun! Well, I can’t baby wear because I have neck/shoulder issues, but I would love that credit to diapers.com! I had a look around and I could really use a wet bag or two for while we’re out. I’d love one of the Skip Hop Jump kind! My youngest is almost six months old. I hope I win! Happy Holidays!

  5. Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. We would love to spend the voucher on gear for our new baby. The ergo has served us well on plenty of flights but I’d love to try a Tula with this new babe x

  6. Happy Holidays! I love our solly baby wrap. We’re currently looking for a great crib mobile for our 5 month old son, so that would likely be how we would spend it if we won. Thank you!

  7. Great post leash! And good on you for donating to Syria. I watched a video of people who were bombed yesterday with tears streaming down my face (and again as I write this so I’m going to donate some $$ too. I don’t like our carrier so can’t comment on that 😘

  8. I loved my moby wrap so much. I used it the most when I had a baby and a 2 year old.

    I’d spend the diapers.com credit on pull-ups 😊

  9. I was obviously disappointed to see your Instagram feed go, I admired your pics and the links to this blog; you always had a good apt image to go with your writing. I hope you are well and that you’re finally settled into your new world and that all are healthy and happy.

    1. Thanks Paul for all your support! Instagram is such a creative, inspiring place but also a huge killer of time. I decided to cut back on my social media use as I have so little time for myself as it is around my kids that I am trying to use it more productively. If I do get back on Instagram (which I might eventually) I want to create a resource for expat families in Seattle instead of just posting pretty pictures – I hope to create an account of use at some point! Thanks for saying Hi! 🙂

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